FrSky ACCESS – Compendium

In March 2019 FrSky announced the newest ACCESS protocol, an upgrade to ACCST which has been used so far by FrSky receivers and transmitters of all series. ACCESS introduces a number of new features that enhance ACCST functionality while providing backward compatibility for existing, most popular FrSky receivers. This English article is slightly polished version of an automated … Read more

FrSky ACCESS – Kompendium

W marcu 2019 FrSky ogłosił, że rozpoczyna wprowadzanie nowego protokołu ACCESS, w miejsce istniejącego od kilku już lat ACCST, używanego do tej pory przez odbiorniki i nadajniki FrSky wszystkich serii. Protokół ACCESS wprowadza szereg nowości, które zwiększają funkcjonalność protokołu ACCST, jednocześnie zapewniając kompatybilność wsteczną dla istniejących, najpopularniejszych odbiorników FrSky. ostatnie uaktualnienie: 29. kwiecień 2020 Zanim … Read more

MAK RC Signal Inverter

In RC hobby signal inversion may be required when connecting various components together, i.e. RC receivers to helicopter flybarless units or other flight controllers. This is particularly often required in case of one wire protocols, like SBUS, PPM or Smart Port – the last one being specific to FrSky products.

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OpenTX – nitro helicopter config (and much more)

OpenTX - nitro heli config (and much more)

The OpenTX offers almost unlimited possibilities for configuring RC models. This article covers a detailed and quite advanced OpenTX configuration for a nitro helicopter, operating under control of MSH Brain 2 flybarless unit.

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MAK Dynatron Heli Holder

MAK Dynatron Heli Holder - ALL

The Sullivan Dynatron S603 is very popular, heavy-duty starter for gas and nitro RC model engines. Combined with Sullivan S613 Helicopter Extension Wand it creates great set for nitro helicopters, easily able to start 90 / 105 class nitro engine and which will last decades of usage.

Unfortunately plastic holder parts provided with the Dynatron are very basic and do not allow to mount the battery in compact, convenient way. That’s why I created my own holder, able to hold both battery and heli extension wand.

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MAK RC Heli Servo Centering Tool

There are many servo testers and even some servo centering tools available on the market. I didn’t find though the one I wanted to have, with selectable 1500/1520µs PWM outputs and also with 760/960µs outputs for helicopter fast tail servos.

The MAK RC Heli Servo Centering Tool may be especially interesting for RC helicopter modellers, due to its fast tail servo PWM output. Of course Flybarless controller unit can be always used to center servos, but I like to mount FBL unit at very end, without bothering about it during the build process.

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MAK RC Model Finder

There are many popular lost RC model finders available on the market. They are usually simple and inexpensive devices, activated by signal loss or inactivity on RC channel which they are connected to, after some pre-defined time.

They work, but they are rather cumbersome in use, as they often activate themselves in unwanted conditions, often on the ground, before a flight or after landing. They are also dependent on model’s power source and having small buzzers.

Thus I decided to develop my own lost model finder – MAK RC Model Finder (MRCMF) – under following assumptions:

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