MAK Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Afterburner Detent

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog comes with factory afterburner detent. By default it is mounted in a non-active position, but it is very easy to turn it by 180 degrees and enjoy afterburner detent. However factory detent is sometimes difficult to operate, as both thrust levers needs to be moved up slightly to get over the detent. This is particularly difficult if your HOTAS throttle is not fixed to its stand / desk. In that case it happens very often that a whole HOTAS throttle box is jumping up when moving throttles over the factory detent.

It would be much simpler to just push throttle levers over the afterburner detent (without rising them up) and this is exactly what my custom afterburner detent is doing – no need to rise the levers up while getting over the detent.

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FrSky sensors and Spirit Systems heli flybarless units

Spirit Systems produce awesome flybarless units for RC helicopter models. Per default Spirit units provide great support for OpenTX and FrSky gear. You can easily get telemetry from Spirit (also from connected ESC, like Hobbywing) and flawless OpenTX integration, which allows to set all Spirit parameters directly from FrSky radio (Horus or Taranis), using provided LUA script.

Things get a bit complicated if – in the same time – one would like to use standard FrSky telemetry sensors. In example if you connect FrSky GPS v2 sensor, it will collide with virtual telemetry sensors provided by Spirit flybarless unit, resulting in blocking telemetry signals from Spirit virtual sensors.

Fortunately there is simple workaround and in this article I will cover some of FrSky sensors, describing how I made them work with Spirit and standard Smart Port telemetry in FrSky / OpenTX.

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MAK FrSky Horus / OpenTX Model Pictures

FrSky Horus radios have good quality TFT display, so it is possible to have nice pictures of RC models.

The below pictures were adapted for FrSky Horus radios by myself, usually based on official product images or logos.

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Swashplate Leveler for XLPower Specter 700

3D printed swashplate leveler. Handy tool to setup proper geometry of RC helicopter main rotor head.

This one will work with XLPower Specter 700, or any model helicopter with 15mm main shaft and similar swashplate diameter.

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MAK RC Signal Inverter

In RC hobby signal inversion may be required when connecting various components together, i.e. RC receivers to helicopter flybarless units or other flight controllers. This is particularly often required in case of one wire protocols, like SBUS, PPM or Smart Port – the last one being specific to FrSky products.

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OpenTX – nitro helicopter config (and much more)

OpenTX - nitro heli config (and much more)

The OpenTX offers almost unlimited possibilities for configuring RC models. This article covers a detailed and quite advanced OpenTX configuration for a nitro helicopter, operating under control of MSH Brain 2 flybarless unit.

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MAK Dynatron Heli Holder

MAK Dynatron Heli Holder - ALL

The Sullivan Dynatron S603 is very popular, heavy-duty starter for gas and nitro RC model engines. Combined with Sullivan S613 Helicopter Extension Wand it creates great set for nitro helicopters, easily able to start 90 / 105 class nitro engine and which will last decades of usage.

Unfortunately plastic holder parts provided with the Dynatron are very basic and do not allow to mount the battery in compact, convenient way. That’s why I created my own holder, able to hold both battery and heli extension wand.

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